Cleaning Set 1-2-3

(Item No.: 61665)

Product description


Set consisting of clip-on scrubber, scraper and blade scraper. Can be optionally fitted on a 10 cm handle and / or two 15 cm extensions.

Cleaning set consisting of:
• ergonomic 10 cm handle for convenient handling
• two 15 cm extension attachments for cleaning without getting your hands wet
• high quality cleaning sponge that does not scratch the glass, with flexible coupling
  for adjusting the angle as required during cleaning
• flexible rubber scraper for easy scraping when cleaning aquarium glass panels
• blade scraper for effective removal of algae from the aquarium glass panel using
  a stainless steel blade
• all three heads are available as replacement parts (61666-61668)

For this, we recommend

Shank Sucker
25 pcs.

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