CO2 Set complete 500

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Product description


Complete CO2 fertilizing system for sumptuous and healthy plant growth. Consists of CO2 Set 500 including 500 g CO2 depot.

Designed for aquaria up to 500 litres, the CO2-Set complete 500 consists of the following components:

CO2 Armatur Pro

The CO2 Armatur Pro is a pressure reducer with pressure-tight precision needle valve for finest and precise bubble count setting. Now with integrated check valve to protect the armature against return water. Large, easy-to-read, working and cylinder pressure gauges. incl. overpressure valve.

CO2 Set 500

CO2 Reaktor 500. Unique CO2 reactor in which the CO2 is dissolved without loss and released into the water. With integrated bubble counter for optical control of the defined CO2 quantity. Easy to install and clean.




CO2 Armatur Pro
· high control accuracy through precision pressure reducer
· finely adjustable operating pressure setting
· pressure-tight fine precision needle valve for high-precision bubble count setting
· incl. integrated check valve to protect the CO2 fitting

CO2 Depot

CO2 Reactor 500
· effective CO2 active reactor with high COsolution behaviour
· with integrated bubble counter
· easy to handle

Hose Adapters 12/16 mm

COSilicone Hose

COPermanent Test
· easy to handle
· easy to read
· accurate indication of the pH range

Safety Valve

Plant 24
· daily fertilizer



Instructions for use / CO2 Set 250 / 500
     (PDF, 6,3 MB)

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