CO2 Set 250

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Product description


Professional CO² system for aquaria up to 250 l. 



CO2 Armatur Pro
· high control accuracy through precision pressure reducer
· finely adjustable operating pressure setting
· pressure-tight fine precision needle valve for high-precision bubble count setting
· incl. integrated check valve to protect the CO2 fitting

CO2 Atomizer
· for CO2 release in aquaria up to 250 l
· with integrated bubble counter and check valve

COPermanent Test
· easy to handle
· easy to read
· accurate indication of the pH range

COSilicone Hose

Plant 24
· daily fertilizer



Instructions for use / CO2 Set 250 / 500
     (PDF, 6,3 MB)

For this, we recommend

PlantFix liquid
20 g
other sizes available...

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