New sea salt blends from DuplaMarin!



DuplaMarin was one of the first to start producing sea salt to pharmaceutical standards eight years ago. The quality and purity of the raw materials made the Premium Reef Salt one of the best sea salt blends on the market. Based on these high quality standards and years of experience in marine water aquaria, two new formulations of the Premium Reef Salt are now available.

Natural Balance is the perfect balance between the natural conditions in the reef and the specific demands in reef aquaria. It is the optimum salt for any reef aquarium with a mixture of fish and corals and with a natural demand for calcium, magnesium and alkalinity.

Amino Active is the first sea salt blend with an active amino acid component. Essential amino acids have been shown to promote the growth of corals. The raised percentages of calcium, magnesium and alkalinity make this salt the perfect basis for challenging reef aquaria.