The East African bass tank


East African cichlids come almost exclusively from Lake Tanganyika orLake Malawithese days. This is because, in the lake that originally had the richest variety of species in the world by far,Lake Victoria, the introduction of a large edible fish - the Nile Perch (which we used to call the Victoria Perch) - led to the flamboyant cichlids dying out.TanganyikaandMalawiperch, which should be kept in tanks at least 120cm long, are predominantly mouthbreeders. Examples from Lake Tanganyika have especially marked breeding and courtship behaviour, whereas the species fromLake Malawiare generally more colourful and are therefore known as freshwater coral fish. In both lakes the temperatures at depth of 22 to 23°C and the surface temperature from 24°C are identical. InLake Tanganyikathe pH value is between 8.6 and 9.5 and the carbonate hardness is between 16 and 19°dKH. InLake Malawithe pH value is somewhat lower at 7.7 to 8.6 and the carbonate hardness 5 to 8°dKH. Stone structures that act as both places to hide and territory markers can be used to decorate the tank. Species such as anubias, Java ferns, cryptocorynes and vallisnerias are suitable as natural plants.



Food Sticks for extra large Fish

Sole feed for ornamental fish
• rich in vitamins and nutrients
• stable in water and dimensionally stable
• high bioavailability
• low degree of water pollution
DuplaRin XL is a high quality feed stick with a high protein content, selected nutrients, minerals and trace elements. Additives of essential vitamins promote long-term healthy growth, resistance to
disease and vitality in the fish. Includes astaxanthin for intense and natural colours.
Feeding recommendations: 2-3 times daily of small amounts that can be consumed by the fish within 1-2 minutes.


20 cm
other sizes available...



Deceptively real looking, artificial aquarium plants. On artificial rocks for good footing in aquarium bed.


Coral sand for marine-water tanks and for African perch. Slightly hardens the water.

Cavity Stone 1
16 x 8 x 16 cm



For the shaping of aquariums and terrariums. 

They are easy to clean and do not affect the water quality. Iced Rocks are very durable and look beautiful in every aquarium and terrarium. Our Iced Rocks are near-nature rocks which ensure a natural look inside the aquarium. As they are manufactured from a safe inert poly resin material they affect neither the chemistry nor the clearness of the water. Their low weight obviates possible damage to the aquarium.

• suitable for aquaria and terraria
• natural appearance
• do not affect chemistry or clearness of the water
• low weight and easy to clean

Test for measuring the carbonate hardness in freshwater and seawater.

Test for nitrate content in freshwater and seawater.

Test PO4
2x10 ml

Test for measuring the phosphate content in freshwater and seawater.

320 g/ 250 ml



Water Hardener. Supplies CH-hardener to fully desalinated, osmosis as well as soft tap water. Stabilises the pH-value. Prevents a dangerous drop in pH values. For fresh and sea water. Approx. 12 g (1 dosing spoon) harden 100 l of water by 4.0° dH.

280 g / 250 ml



Hardener for total and carbonate hardness. 

Water Hardener and mineral supplier. Supplies the required hardener and minerals to fully desalinated, osmosis as well as soft tap water. Approx. 10 g (1 dosing spoon) increase the carbonate hardness in 100 l by 1° dH and the total hardness by 2° dH. With additional calcium, sodium, magnesium, sulphate, potassium, iron and  manganese. Does not cloud.



Filter housing filled with 500 ml Duresin N. Is fitted downstream of an osmosis system or integrated into the fresh water aquarium filter cycle. Includes hose connections for osmosis systems and aquarium filters. 500 ml filter volume binds up to 30,000 mg of nitrate.

250 ml



High nitrate levels help cause algae growth in aquariums. In addition, when there is insufficient CO2, the danger exists that nitrate can be reduced into nitrite, which is highly poisonous for the fish. 250 ml HOBBY Nitrate Killer removes up to 12,500 mg of nitrate from the water in a short time by way of ion exchange and does not release it back into the aquarium water.

21 x 13 x 15 cm



Fish trap to caught sick, timid, shy or even an aggressive fish easily from aquaria.

15 W, 45 cm



Universal aquarium lamp imitating sunny waters such as the lakes in East Africa. Inhibits algae growth through natural colour spectrum. Ideal for high, sparsely planted aquariums, can be used in combination with Plant Light for high, planted aquariums. Can be used in terrariums in combination with Reptile Light for animals with reduced UVB requirement.

15 W, 45 cm
other wattages available...



Fluorescent tube promoting plant growth and stimulating photosynthesis. Colour-enhancing effect through high proportion of red and blue. Usable in combination with Freshwater Light or Solar Light. Also suitable for planted terrariums.