Gravel Washer pro

(Item No.: 11865)

Product description


Professional sediment bell with adjustable water flow and suction mechanism. Ideal for use when changing tank-water or cleaning bottom gravel. The unique HOBBY Gravel Washer Pro is in effect a turbulence chamber, lifting and eddying the gravel so that the light dirt particles are sucked up while the gravel stays at the bottom.

The Sediment Bell pro consists of:
• Ergonomic handle for convenient handling: With patented two-way valve
  for water intake and individually adjustable flow volume.
• 2x15 cm extension attachments: Cleaning without wet hands!
• 2 flexible 98 cm hoses: Permit various angles when using the sediment bell.
• 24 cm suction pipe: Perfect for cleaning pebbles without losing them. Suitable
  for all types of pebble.
• Quick start valve for water intake. Protective grid prevents fish or gravel
  being drawn in.
Available as an accessory (as an alternative to the suction pipe) for cleaning panels:


Instructions for use / Gravel Washer pro
     (PDF, 792,5 KB)

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