Microprocessor-controlled pH controller (Item No.: 43000)

Product description


With optional functions for night deactivation of pH regulation, the six week calibration reminder and the visual pH alarm.
The pH controller is equipped with a BNC socket for connecting commercially available pH electrodes. The activity of a connected solenoid valve is indicated by an LED lamp. When switching into programming mode, the slot for the solenoid valve is deactivated for safety reasons. To protect the electronic components, a delay of 60 seconds is set between two switching states before the slot becomes active again. Break or short-circuit of a connected pH electrode are indicated as faults.


Factory Presetting

clock setting: 12:00

single/toggle mode: single mode

pH point: 7.0 pH

pH Alarm: OFF (00 means ‘no alarm’)

CO2 -Night off function: off (CO2 is supplied during the night)


Technical Specification

Operating voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz

Load capacity: 2,000 W (ohmic load)

pH control range: 4.0 – 9.9

pH control accuracy: +/- 0.1 (reference value)

pH switch hystereris (the difference between the on and off switching point): 0.1 pH

pH alarm range: +/- 0.1 - 4.0 adjustable in 0.1 pH increments

pH calibration memory: Six-week

BNC Adaptor cable length: 20 cm


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