Scaper´s Juice N/P 24

50 ml (Item No.: 80010)

Product description


Relatively large quantities of phosphates and nitrogen compounds are required for adequate plant growth. The highly active core nutrients nitrogen and phosphate in 
N/P 24 are effective immediately, balance nutrient deficiencies and support healthy and strong plant growth. One drop of  N/P 24 contains 16.5 mg nitrate and 1 mg phosphate.


Nitrogen and phosphate fertilizer for plant dominated aquaria
• daily supply of core nutritional elements nitrogen and phosphate
• for strong and healthy plant growth
• immediate availability of nutrients
• for demanding plant aquariums
• prevents deficiencies in aquarium plants
• avoids malformation of plant leaves
• 50 ml for 50,000 l
• 1 drop/50 l
• optimum success in combination with Kalium 24 and Eisen 24


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