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Product description


The pH-Control controls the pH value in fresh and marine water aquaria. In addition, external devices can be controlled by means of timer control. The timer control can switch at one-second intervals. All slots can be switched on and off manually. It is possible to set a visual and an audible alarm. The display showing all desired and actual values can be illuminated. A control strip for two slots with LED status indication, as well as a temperature sensor are included. A memory function provides protection against loss of data in the event of a power failure.

Microprocessor-controlled pH Controller with Timer Function. With optional calibration reminder function every six weeks.

• control of pH regulation + timer switch

• optional night deactivation of pH regulation
• timer switch with seconds and interval function interval function for
   connection of circulation pumps, etc.
• adjustable visual and audio alarm
• blue illuminated display showing all target and actual values
• separation between operating element and power supply by USB connector
• power supply with 2 slots and LED status indication
• socket slots feature manual on/off switch function
• memory function avoids loss of data during power cuts
• including BNC connection for pH electrodes


Technical specifications:

Operating voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz
Connection power per slot: max. 2.000 (ohmic load)
Total connection power: max. 3.000 W (ohmic load)
pH regulation range: pH 4.0-9.9
pH regulation accuracy: +/- 0.1 (approx. value)
pH alarm range: +/- 0,1-4,0 adjustable in 0,1 pH increments
pH switching hysteresis: 0.1 pH
Switching delay: 60 seconds
Length of connection cable: 1,5 m
Length of sensor cable: 3 m
Length of cable control unit to power unit: 2 m


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