Dupla Cube Set 80

45 x 45 x 40 cm, 80 l (Item No.: 80896)

Product description


For a fascinating underwater world at home…

The Dupla Cube Set 80 makes re-discovering the fascination of aquaristics easy, without a lot of work.
The aquarium allows many years of exciting observations in the small habitat aquarium. The clear glass used for this aquarium makes the colours animals and plants appear even more brilliant compared to regular aquaria!
The Dupla Cube Set 80 size and the modern technology is the ideal prerequisite for species-appropriate fish, shrimp and plant care.
The optimal aquarium has been a requirement and task Dupla has been focusing on for over 30 years. The modern, user-friendly Perfect Clean internal filter, the Heat Up adjustable heater and a Nano Lux LED light optimal for the specific conditions the plants require are the basis for the functional mini habitat in your own four walls.
At the latest after the starting phase the Dupla Cube Set 80 becomes a small microcosm where all live organisms are dependent on each other. With the correct ratio between aquarium size and the number of creatures kept, a continuously stable biological system will develop with little maintenance where plants and fish can develop splendidly.
The "aquarium" hobby is one of the best, most diverse and exciting hobbies. Immerse yourself in a small, fascinating underwater world and be enchanted by a number of colourful fish, graceful shrimp and extraordinary plants.

The individual components of the Dupla Cube Set 80:
 • clear glass aquarium with safety base and glass cover
   dimensions: 45 cm x 45 cm x 40 cm, volume: 81 litres
  The Perfect Clean PC1 internal filter has an adjustable filter capacity of
  approx. 150 – 1,050 l/h and ensures biologically appropriate, crystal clear water.
  The filter chamber can be filled with different filter materials as needed. 
  The Heat Up 50 adjustable heater heats and maintains the water temperature to the
  perfect comfort temperature of the aquarium inhabitants. 
  The Nano Lux LED light offers an attractive light and features a special light
  spectrum to promote optimal plant growth. 
  Hint: For dense plantings or when keeping plants which require a high amount of
  light, we recommend using a second Nano Lux Led 18 W light.
  8 cm long thermometer for measuring the temperature inside the aquarium  
Water conditioning 
  Tap water is not the same as aquarium water. Gan contains
  protective colloids to protect the mucous membranes and gills of fish by binding
  chlorine and heavy metals which can occur in tap water.
Bacteria starter
   Bacter for starting and optimising nitrification in fresh water aquarium.
   Further promotes the biological balance in the aquarium.
Fertilizer system
  For lush, healthy plant growth, contains Plant and Plant 24. 
  Plant fertilizer tablets are a base fertiliser which can also be pushed straight onto the
  plant roots to promote growth. 
  Plant 24 is a liquid daily fertilizer with the necessary iron and trace elements and is
  optimal for daily fertilizing.
Photo background
  The self-adhesive picture background, Frosty, is a particularly attractive
  aquarium décor.
Dupla Cube Set 80  brochure
   Valuable hints for setting up and caring for Dupla Cube Set 80.

Optional accessories: 


Guide / Dupla Cube
     (PDF, 8,2 MB)

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