Light Up LED

(Item No.: 80920)

Product description

The Light Up LED is the ideal add-on for illuminating stands and drawers, e.g. Dupla Cube Stand 80.
Who hasn’t been there - you want to e.g. check or set your time switch but can’t read the numbers. This is where the Light Up LED comes in.
A mechanical pressure sensor tells the Light Up LED the base is open and activates the three internal LEDs with a total output of one watt. The base is now well lit and you can easily work inside the base.
Even installation is extremely easy. Depending on the base, the Light Up LED can simply be fixed to the door hinge or to the cabinet itself, with the 2 included screws.
Suitable for all stands or cupboards with doors and drawers, even outside of aquaristics. 
Product benefits at a glance:
• versatile - suitable for all types of stands with doors and drawers 
•  mechanical pressure sensor responds immediately
• super bright thanks to 3 LEDs  
• ready to start - battery and screws included 
• extremely easy to install
• tough plastic design 

For this, we recommend

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Plant 24
10 ml
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