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Complete feed for ornamental fish and invertebrates. Calanus finmachicus belongs to the family of calanoid copepods and is with its high content of Ω-3 fatty acids and proteins an indispensable supplier of energy in the North Atlantic. The dried, micronised and partially de-oiled copepods are an ideal zooplankton substitute for corals, particularly azooxanthellate corals, filter feeders, mussels and feather stars. Micronised, approx. 100 – 250 micrometer in size.

Hint: DuplaMarin Eeze Powder is ideal to enhance your own plankton recipes. After opening, store in a dry place that is protected against light.


• ideal plankton substitute for corals, filter feeders, mussels and feather stars
• particularly suitable for azooxanthellate corals such as Gorgonacea, 
   Dendronephtyha and Tubastrea
• rich in protein, high content of Ω-3 fatty acids , SDA, EPA and DHA
• high portion of natural amino acids, astaxanthin and carotenoids
• activates the feeding reflex
• encourages natural colouration and promotes vitality
• micronised, approx. 100 – 250 micrometer
• incl. dosing spoon

Feeding recommendations: 1 dosing spoon for every 300 litres 2 - 3 times per week, depending on the stocking rate. Solve DuplaMarin Eeze Powder in a little water before feeding and in the aquarium at a spot with a strong flow.


Composition: Calanus finmarchicus (marine copepods), micronised, partially de-oiled and dried, 100 % natural, size around. 100 – 250 μ
Analytic constituents: Protein: 62.6 %, fat 13.9 %, crude ash 12.4 %

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