CO2 system

CO2 is the scientific formula for carbon dioxide and contains the most important nutrient for our aquarium plants - carbon.

Already 30 years ago it was known that lasting healthy plant growth and a great plant variety in the aquarium was only possible if adequate quantities of CO2 were added to the aquarium.

By adding CO2 one could also kill two birds with one stone, since CO2 also fulfils an important double-function in the aquarium.

It fertilises plants with CO2, ensuring magnificent plant growth (healthy plants return the favour by providing fish with essential oxygen), but the addition of CO2 can also be used to adjust the pH in the aquarium to a range that is ideal for ornamental fish.

CO2 Set complete 250
other sizes available...
CO2 Set 250
other sizes available...
CO2 Armatur Plus
CO2 Armatur Pro with Solenoid Valve
Scaper's Tools
CO2 Diffusor Set, S, 26,5 cm
other sizes available...
CO2 Depot
500 g
other sizes available...
CO2 Permanent Test
Refill, 10 ml
Dupla Dest
100 ml
Silicone Tube
1x3 mm, 1,5 m