Water Treatment

From tap water to aquarium water. No matter how hygienic and clean our tap water may be it, is nowhere near being aquarium water. Many important plant nutrients are missing in tap water or were extracted during treatment. Carbon, potassium, sodium, iron, manganese as well as many other trace elements and numerous organic substances that are essential, for example, for healthy plant growth. Chlorine, silicates, heavy metals and organic pollution can be the cause of many water problems. Healthy and balanced bacterial conditions also have a decisive impact on the biology and well-being of all inhabitants of the aquarium. The objective therefore is to create optimum conditions for fish and plants.

250 ml
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250 ml
Aqua Crystal
50 ml
250 ml
150 g
220 g
250 g
Dupla Siliphos freshwater
150 g for 720 l
Carbon pro
3 mm, 480 g